When we developed the idea of ​​the first major obstacle race in Europe more than 10 years ago, we never had dreamed off we would be so successful. We were the ones to hit the nerve of the times with creating this great obstacle and running event. And that is what we are today. Despite the steadily growing obstacle scene, the FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun is not only the biggest obstacle race in the world, with the biggest and most fascinating obstacles, varied and exciting tracks and great atmosphere full of fun, partnership and team spirit. It also has the highest safety standards of all obstacle runs – this is what we can promise to every single runner!

To make the international idea even more alive and show you all the great FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun events in the world, we will launch the INTERNATIONAL FISHERMAN’S FRIEND STRONGMANRUN SERIES.

Join the INTERNATIONAL FISHERMAN’S FRIEND STRONGMANRUN FAMILY and become part of our INTERNATIONAL SERIES! You will participate the SERIES automatically by running a FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun event. For each event in all our countries you earn different points in different categories, that will be shown in our INTERNATIONAL HERO RANKING.

Start of our INTERNATIONAL FISHERMAN’S FRIEND STRONGMANRUN SERIES is our first event in 2018… The FISHERMAN’S FRIEND StrongmanRun Winteredition in the beautiful and very challenging snow track in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. Date is 27th of January 2018.

We’ll keep yuo up to date, also please check out our NEW FACEBOOK PAGE and spread the word!!! Stay tuned 4 more.

Strong regards from us!

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