Running with support stockings – yes or no?

At a certain point of sport engagement every StrongmanRunner asks himself, do support socks (compression socks) make sense to me? We have looked around and listed some pros and cons. Check them out…

What exactly do support stockings do?
Supporting stock press from the outside onto the enclosed skin of the calf, thus relieving both the veins and the lymph system. The stocking is made in such a way that the pressure of the calf increases from top to bottom. This supports the removal of blood and lymph fluid from the affected calf muscles.

– Faster recovery of muscles
– More energy and endurance during competition
– Improved blood flow
– Prevention of venous diseases
– Muscle and joint stabilization

– Do not look very nice
– Effect on long-distance routes not detected in all points (placebo)
– pretty expensive

Ultimately – everyone has to decide whether support stockings are for him and whether it leads to a performance increase. One thing we can definitely promise you with certainty – they do not hurt.

Good start into your running weekend!

2 comments on “Running with support stockings – yes or no?

  1. Support stockings???
    1. Die meisten sehen mittlerweile echt gut aus.
    2. Die Schienbeine haben bei nem Strongmanrun deutlich weniger zu leiden wenn man welche trägt!!!

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