For a perfect and yummy start into the running day

You know the feeling – it’s cold and dark, you don’t want to get up and the winter comes in big steps … We have the right thing for you. A good, healthy cereal breakfast helps you through the morning and gives you power for a good sports day.

It’s simply prepared, done quickly and tastes great! The best thing is, you can vary it every day.

These are the ingredients for the basis cereals
– Whole-grain oat flakes
– Linseed (healthy and good for digestion)
– Nuts (walnuts or hazelnuts)
– yogurt
– Fruit (e.g., bananas, apples and or various berries)

That’s how it works:
Put flakes in a bowl, wash the fruit, chop and add, then mix with yoghurt. If you like it sweet, you can add agave juice or honey. You can now simply vary the flakes daily or just use different fruit every day and you will never get bored. The muesli provides many carbohydrates through the flakes and good vitamins, through the fruit. So it is perfect for a great StrongmanRunner like you!

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