FFSMR Series Testimonial: Corentin Meyer, the “Cro-Magnon”

Our FFSMR-Community knows Corentin Meyer better as the „Cro-Magnon“ or „The Stone-Age-Man“. He has already participated in 21 StrongmanRuns in different countries, always in the same costume! Enough reasons for us to choose him as one of our FFSMR Series Testimonials.

So we asked him some questions to get to know him better…

Which was the first Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun you took part in?
My first FFSMR was in 2010 in La Bresse/ France. I loved it so much and it was also the debut for my stone-age-costume.

What does the Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun mean to you?
For me the FFSMR is an intense physical experience, especially because of the costume, but with all the obstacles also crazy and fun. It’s also a moment of sharing and supporting each other with people from different nationalities you meet on the track. For this I made a video which can be watched on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/geneuros

What are your favourite obstacles?
This is not hard to answer, I am a big fan of gliding and water, so of course it’s the slide.

Why the Stone-Age-Man?
The Stone-Age costume is by now well know in the FFSMR universe and it was born when I decided to run in this on my first StrongmanRun. I wanted a fun costume to entertain the spectators and participants and also because it has a connection to nature. I told to myself that our prehistoric ancestors lived in nature, were always dirty and had to be multifunctional all the time. So I decided to disguise myself in the next fur I found, with a big beard and some other objects needed. By now there are quite a few runners who tell me, that they associate my costume with the FFSMR.

Have you ever thought of changing your costume?
I thought about conventional running gear because I am a trail and orientation course runner. But the costume is so much fun for me and all the other people, that I always decide to start in it. Although it makes it so difficult to move in the fur after it is full of water and mud, I would NEVER change it. This outfit represents me in the FFSMR Series and there is nothing similar to it. The participants recognize me from far and many approach me so they appear in the highlight film.

What do you think about the FFSMR Series?
This is such a great idea! It is a great opportunity to explore all the different courses, enjoy their craziness but also their uniqueness. The FFSMR Series is a great reason to travel, discover new regions and also combine it with the fun and challenge of a Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun. I really like the idea of the Hero Points collection.

What would you like to tell our community? Why should our runners participate in the FFSMR Series?
I travelled a lot throughout Europe to participate in different Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRuns, but also to the bottom of the world. Each time I was so excited about the parcours and the obstacles designed by the organizers. If you really liked one StrongmanRun, do not hesitate to run more of them – no matter if by yourself, with your partner, friends or your family… It’s just great! The Winter Edition is the first StrongmanRun of the year and the debut of the FFSMR Series – and I can promise, it’s worth to travel there. I am so looking forward to it and I hope to see you guys there!


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